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How do you engage an audience around a radical, never before attempted idea in the commercial real ­estate space? An industry that has been doing business the same way for decades? Better yet, how do you achieve that without giving out too much actual information?: Simple, you do what JLL’s paradigm-shattering offshoot Hirise did – you hire CLM to tackle the project.


CLM was hired to create a “what if” style of video featuring the visionaries behind this new JLL venture. This video was shown at a major commercial real estate trade show at AT&T Stadium in Dallas (better known to some as Jerry’s World) on the massive 60 yard jumbotron screen. Talk about major profile for a new business idea! The result was massive buzz about what was, at the time, merely a platform concept. Enthusiastic response to the idea led to full JLL backing and the eventual launch of Hirise, the first completely new way to think about commercial real estate in half a century.